What Is It?


The word, from the Greek, means literally two colors. Named this because each color of dichroic has a reflected color and a transmitted color. These colors are paired, for example; pink/green, blue/yellow, gold/blue. This effect is created by the application of rare earth oxides in micron thin layers on the glass utilizing vacuum coating technology. When applied to black glass it intensifies the reflected color because black glass has no transmitted light. When applied to clear glass the reflected and transmitted colors can shift creating the beautiful color displays of dichroic glass beads.

Each dichroic color isolates a specific color band and filters the light in unique ways. There are many uses in laboratory and industry. A practical application is the use of dichroic filters in slide and movie projectors as heat mirrors where the dichroic filter allows visible light to pass but reflects heat energy minimizing potential damage to delicate images.

In our beads the beauty of dichroic is revealed in a breathtaking display of shifting colors and brilliant eye catching designs. Add some sparkle and color to your work with dichroic glass beads from Dee Howl.