Jeweled Cross Pendants

Lovely small crosses 1 1/2″ x 1″ Made on a colored glass base with multi colored dichroic jewel highlights creating a medieval look. All have fine silver bails and come with a black waxed cotton cord.
Price $10.00.

Sky blue base w/pink, gold, teal and copper.

Cobalt glass base w/ seafoam, silver, pink and cobalt.

Emerald glass base w/ gold, teal, seafoam and pink.

Sky blue base w/ copper, pink, seafoam and cobalt.

Spring green base w/ cobalt, gold, copper and teal.

Cobalt base w/ silver, seafoam, magenta and copper.

Black glass base w/ gold, copper, cobalt and pink.

Rootbeer base w/ teal, magenta, gold and copper.

Spring green base w/ teal, silver, magenta and seafoam.

Lilac glass base w/ pink, gold, seafoam and silver.

Sky blue glass w/ teal, seafoam, magenta and silver.

Red glass base w/ pink, gold, teal with silver stars.