About Us

Karen and Daniel Howell began making fused dichroic glass with his sister Sara Creekmore in 1993. Shortly after that, we started lampworking dichroic glass into beads. We now are mainly torchworking dichroic glass bead makers, though we still enjoy fusing.

For thirty five years before our move to Honolulu our studio was on our wild and remote desert homestead in western New Mexico. It was a large studio with 2 torches and plenty of space for supplies and tools. The windows looked out to the north to our mesa where we occasionally saw eagles and deer.
During some of that time Daniel worked as a range technician for the forest service and Karen a fire lookout on a mountain top a few months a year. We become recognized authorities on water harvesting. permaculture and sustainable agriculture for drylands through our work developing the forty acre site we called home. Our site results were shared with visitors from Mexico, Nicaragua, Botswana, Mali, and of course the US.

Now we are living in Hawaii and are helping Karen’s elderly parents. We are still working daily in a very small studio making dichroic glass beads, pendants, and cabachons. The studio is tucked under a palm tree close to the house. We go to the beach most days to rest, relax, and enjoy the ocean. Daniel picks up trash and always leaves the beach a little cleaner than when we came. We like to snorkel to look at fish, turtles, seals, and whales and paddle our kayak.